I Went Through the desert On a Horse With no Name

July 11, 2008

Route 66 Day 3

I went through the desert on a horse with no name.

I am sitting in the Hill Top Motel in Kingman Arizona. I am telling you all this in case I go missing during the night; you will know where I was last. I am not that comfortable staying in a motel which still has a chalk outline of a body on the floor. But the price was right!

But I had a good day. I slept like a baby in my Teepee and got up early because I wanted to beat as much of the heat as I could. I started by making a pilgrimage to the very first McDonald’s ever built in San Bernardino. It seems a shame the Surgeon General didn’t put a stop to that when he could.


If only they had stopped with a million

Then I took off for the high desert on Route 66 making my way to Victorville. I had spent some time here in the Air Force getting some training before going to Viet Nam. Victorville has also been the setting for countless westerns and is the home of the Roy Rogers museum. I didn’t stop.

At Victorville I picked up a long stretch of Route 66 that parallels the Mojave Desert. It was definitely desert with hardly a soul or a car around. Oddly enough they had had thundershowers the day before so the desert was full of big puddles of standing water. I had to ford one section of road with standing water on it and take little detours where the land had washed out onto the road. Fun, but mostly boring. Not too hot but threatening rain all day.


Fixer upper available in the desert

Barstow, California and Route 66 seem to go very well together. The route through Barstow makes Barstow look like it has not changed in 50 years and perhaps it hasn’t. The road and the town just seem to fit and that is a good thing.

The good part of the ride was when I got to Arizona and took Route 66 from Needles to Kingman. The road is just perfect for the Spyder and I finally got to get it hard into some turns. And halfway between the two towns is Oatman which is thriving out in the middle of no where. Mostly they sell souvenirs and stage gun fights in the street. The big attraction is the semi wild burros that come to town to beg for carrots every day. They are very tame and very aggressive in their begging but supposedly they are wild and they drift back into the desert at night. They seem to be well fed.


Spyder and Asses

When I got to Kingman two guys flagged me down. They wanted a picture of the Spyder so I obliged them. They were from Holland and cruising the states on obsolete Honda Goldwing two wheelers. They were pleased to see I had a Tom Tom which is also from Holland.

Everything is good. Nothing broke on the bike. My neck acted up again but I treated that and kept going. The Throttlemeister is such a relief for this. My BRP rear seat bag continues to deteriorate but I may be able to nurse it through the rest of this trip. 1895 miles to Chicago!

And here is a little known fact: Arizona ranks last of the 50 states in educational achievement. They say it is a dry stupid.


Da Da that’s all folks


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