Tulsa Spelled Backwards is

Route 66 Day 7

July 15, 2008

Tulsa spelled backwards is A Slut

Today marks one week on the road. I have gone over 2300 miles. There have been times when I questioned my choice of transportation. Riding a motorcycle has certain drawbacks. When it is hot, you are hot. When it is cold, you are cold. When it rains you get wet. Bugs get into every crevice imaginable. Reading a map at 60 MPH is impossible.

But I never questioned my choice today. There is so much more to see, hear and smell when one is not in a steel cage. The colors are clearer. The sounds are more clear. And the smell of fresh killed skunk early in the morning when the moist air holds the odor close to the ground; well you just can’t be any more alive than that!

I got a late start. First I overslept. Then I heard a ruckus outside my room and went out to find two guys looking over my bike. Then they started calling other buddies and they came over. I must have had show and tell for an hour this morning. Apparently the Recluse was the biggest thing to hit Shamrock, Texas in a while.

Then I left town without filling up the beast. The range on the scooter is not that great. When it wants gas it wants it in a hurry. So I started scouting for gas stations as I went along. Time and again I would see signs for Texaco or Philips 66 only to pull in and see a boarded up station with a price marquee indicating the last time they sold gas it was 29.9 cents a gallon. I had to do the unthinkable and leave route 66 and go out to the interstate to fuel up.

With that done I started having amazingly good luck finding the winding portion of Route 66 that goes through the western part of Oklahoma. I quit listening to Tom Tom since she was having an off day trying to send me on roads that did not exist. At one point I passed a herd of zebras and a flock of ostriches and thought Tom Tom had really led me astray. But I was still in Elk, Ok and that is where the herds were. Honest.

The portions of Route 66 in Oklahoma are rather unique in that the road is made of concrete. It has grass growing thorough it and it follows the contours of the earth which makes it fun to ride. The day was gorgeous and the recent rain made the landscape lush. I saw people cutting their incredibly large yards with tractors. I had not seen that since I was in Louisiana. The whole thing reminded me of Louisiana except with rolling hills. The humidity certainly reminded me of Louisiana.


Bridge of Lake Overholser

I met another group of Europeans at a roadside stop. These were mostly British with a token American along riding obsolete two wheel Harleys. As soon as I pulled in I became the center of attention. Think I must have the most photographed motorbike in the US. People drive up next to me in a car and try to snap a picture with their camera phones while driving. Scary.


Bob and his admiring public

I continued on to the eastern part of the state and things got real easy here. They actually use Route 66 as a highway so there are signs and everything. It made it so easy to motor along without having to stop every 20 minutes to find out where I was.

I pulled into Tulsa at 7 PM and met up with my friend David Brenstetter. David and I had been having a beer on the back of his boat on July 5th and now here we were having dinner in Tulsa, having gotten here by different means. David is from Tulsa and he gave me the grand tour. He took me to his home town of Jenks and it is so much like my home town of Thibodaux, La. Anyway we had a good visit and lots to eat.


It’s a pop bottle-a big one

So it was a good day. No problems with anything today. I am skirting every rain cloud and can’t believe my luck in that department. When planning this trip I had allowed for two rain delay days but I may not need them. Man makes plans and God laughs.


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