A Great Day to be Lost

Route 66

July 16, 2008

A great day to be lost

After sleeping off the giant mufflatta (sp?) sandwich Dave and I had enjoyed the night before, I got up early and headed out. It was pretty hot to start with but it was Chamber-of-Commerce day in Oklahoma. I went through towns like Catoosa, Chelsea and Afton on a well marked Route 66. There is a town called Miami in Oklahoma and then there is Commerce, the birth place of Mickey Mantle. All of it was fairly unremarkable.

I took Route 66 through Kansas and that must have taken all of fifteen minutes. There is about 16 miles of Route 66 in Kansas before it goes into Missouri. I got as far as Carthage, MO before things started going awry. I was tired and Ms Tom Tom was bitching at me so I turned her off. After riding for a couple of hours, things did not look quite right so I stopped at a rest stop and did some serious naviguessing. I had driven about 100 miles the wrong way! Oh well, it was a nice day to be lost.

So I backtracked a hundred miles and when I got to Springfield, Missouri I called it a day. I was hot and tired and my calves were cramping up so bad I can hardly walk. I had better eat a banana tomorrow.

But I have had a wonderful meal in the attached restaurant and I am ready for a better day tomorrow. I am only 40 short miles from the second biggest ball of twine in the world. It just doesn’t get more exciting than that.

All is well. I will get more rest tonight and drink more Gatorade tomorrow.


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