A Day of Diversions

Route 66 Day 9

July 17, 2008

A day of diversions

Well I got going fairly early on another hot and muggy day. I gave up on Route 66 for a while and headed to Branson. Yee Haw. There are only two kinds of music in Branson: 1. Country, 2) Western.

But I was not there for the music. I went there for the string. I made a bee line to Ripley’s Believe it or Else, paid $18 and went directly to the second largest ball of twine in the world. When I told the lady there that I had driven 2800 miles on a motor bike to see the ball of twine her response was, “Why would you DO that?” Some people will never get it. I was absolutely delighted to have my picture taken with the second biggest ball of twine in the world.


That’s a lot of string

Note: There are three balls of twine of similar size within a 500 mile radius of Branson. I believe the one in Branson is the SECOND biggest ball of twine on the face of the earth. Knowing that there is a bigger ball of twine out there, somewhere, gives me a reason to keep on living.


It’s the second largest ball of twine!

Branson is a delightful place for those of you who haven’t been. The landscape is lovely and the town is delightfully tacky as any built to purpose tourist town should be. I can imagine having a good time there.

But I was on a mission. I headed back to Springfield and picked up Route 66 and continued my journey. I had difficulty getting going on it because, since Tulsa, Route 66 has a different look. It is a viable highway with real towns on it. The Route also carries other designations so it does not look and feel the same as it does further west. But I did eventually get on it, and although it is just a few yards from the interstate, it is light years different. Everyone is in a hurry on the interstate and no one is in a hurry on Route 66.

Some where around Rolla, Mo. I had to make a tactical decision. The Recluse was coming due for an oil change. Now forget everything you know about getting the oil changed in your car. This bike uses very, very specific oil that can only be found at a BRP dealer. So I had Marc from Can Am Talk e mail me the names of all the dealers in Missouri and Illinois. Then I calculated where I would be when the oil needed changing. Then I started calling the dealers near the likely spot and asked them to get me in on Friday. HolzHauer Auto and Motorsports Group of Nashville, Illinois agreed to take me in the first thing in the morning.

So I cranked up the scooter, set the throttle lock on 75 and buzzed through St Louis and into Illnois. I am holed up in a very boring Best Western a couple of miles from Holzhauer and hopefully they can get me in and out quickly.

BRP markets this bike as a Roadster, but I am not sure that a bike that needs its oil changes every 9 days qualifies as a touring bike. Oh well. One must pay to play.

It has been a hot day. The last temperature I saw was 96 and that is in the shade. There is no shade on the bike. I am doing my best to rehydrate with some of St Louis’s finest. Three thousand miles traveled as of today.


You can’t see this too often


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