BBJ, Kentucky and Beyond

Heading West 2.1

BBJ, Kentucky and Beyond

July 20, 21, 2008

So after my anticlimactic end to the Route 66 trip I headed south ending up in Richmond, Indiana just a stones throw from Ohio. After getting some rest and drying out a bit it was on to Big Butter Jesus on Sunday morning.

I made my way down to Monroe, Ohio, and there, rising from the ground besides the freeway was BBJ aka Touchdown Jesus. I stopped and took a few pictures just to mark this milestone. The Solid Rock Church next to BBJ was full of people on this Sunday morning and I did not want to disturb them by getting struck by lightning so I did not stay long.


Big Butter Jesus

Then it was off to Cousin Betty and George’s in Richmond, Kentucky. I got there at about one PM just as B and G’s last guests were leaving. They pretty much run a motel there on the Kentucky River and apparently just love having people over. They have a beautiful home on 15 acres that borders on the river. Very nice with great views from every window and there are a lot of windows.

After saying ‘hellos’ I got busy doing laundry and drying out my gear. Then we all went for a ride on George’s patio boat. George is retired and keeps himself busy playing a Kentucky version of Huck Finn with his cabins and boats and blackberry patches. The tour of the river was great with George being an enthusiastic tour guide.


Cousin Betty on the Kentucky River

We returned to the Big House for dinner. (While B and G have a big house they spend at least one night a week in a cabin down by the river sleeping out in the open. Just so you don’t think it is too rough, they watch movies down there on a lap top computer). Betty outdid herself and fed me full. Then it was time to tell stories. Betty and George have been almost everywhere and can recount tale after tale about their travels. What a host and hostess! What a great visit!


Cousin George aka Huck Finn

And for those of you who told me not to eat KY jelly I have to tell you that Kentucky jelly is not that bad.

In the morning I had to saddle up and get going against G and B’s wishes. The way their house is designed I could have stayed there a long time. I could have moved down to the cabin and fished for catfish all summer. But I wanted to be on my way and get out West.

So I took off on a muggy day and avoided the interstates. I went west on hwy 60 and then 150 which turned into a recognizable highway 50 which runs all the way to Sacramento. By 11 AM it was hot and humid. But then the storm hit. Lots of thunder and lightning and rain. The rain was in big drops. So big that I did not get all that wet because I think the raindrops were too big to go through my suit. In any case it cooled things down nicely.

I hit a spot in Indiana with a squiggly road. It was wet and there was not much traffic so I had a little fun sliding around a bit. I was happy on Hwy 50 because it is mostly two lanes and not that much traffic. Lot’s of variation in terrain until I got to Illinois, which was flat and unremarkable as when I came through it earlier.

I also found a little post office along the way that was about the size of a garage. I stopped there and mailed my soggy Route 66 maps and books to my sister, Belle. She wants to make the trip and maybe she can do a better job of finding the darn thing.

I motored on but it got really hot as the day went on. It hit 98 degrees with about the same humidity. I finally had enough and called it an early day. I have traveled over 4,000 miles so far and have at least 2100 more to go to get home. While the stop at Cousin Betty’s revitalized me for a while it wore off quickly. While I am really happy on Highway 50 I don’t know what I will do in the morning. Just so the compass points basically west, I know that when I hear a splash I have gone a wee bit too far.


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