Heading West

Heading West

July 22, 2008

Like a Barn Sour Horse

Well I awoke to a cloudy day. I was beginning to think there was no other kind of days. It looked like it was going to be the fifth consecutive day of rain so I dressed accordingly.

I headed out and my prediction was soon proven to be true. It rained gently until mid afternoon. I got a bit wet but was so thankful to be cool that I didn’t mind. I also knew that my $1 zip lock bags were keeping everything else dry so I could at least dry out for the night.

I crossed the Mississippi about mid morning which officially made me back out west. I chose to continue west on highway 50 just because it suited me. Going north would not have been a good choice weather wise as there were violent thunderstorms predicted up in Iowa. So I continued on hwy 50. It was easy to follow which I really was enjoying after searching for parts of Route 66 for so long. And it was mostly two- lane road out in the country with a lot of little towns to drive through. And it was heading west back to home.

Well it seems I have no home. I had listed the boat I live on for sale right before I left thinking it would take a year or two to sell it. But as luck would have it the first person who looked at it gave me an acceptable offer, which I accepted. Sea trials are on Saturday, a haul out next week, and I am officially homeless. It’s not a bad feeling really. I will just go live under a bridge with the rest of my people.

I motored along and the Recluse acted like it knew it was going home in the way that a barn sour horse will. It puttered right along. Since I had fixed my luggage with zip lock bags, things had been working better for me. My suit still leaked but I didn’t care if I got wet as long as I was cool. Ms Tom Tom was not needed much since I just stuck with hwy 50 no matter what she said. She is back to speaking English by the way. The Indian Taxi Driver beaded seat cover is back in service and doing well. The Throttlemeister is the best thing ever. I fixed my trunk leak at Cousin Betty’s. So life is pretty good.

At mid afternoon the weather cleared and the scenery improved immensely. Missouri is actually a very pretty state with lots of rolling hills and some curves to the roads. I enjoy riding much more when there is actually something I need to do besides sit on the bike. So I had a good day and made good mileage. I am expecting not to get rained on tomorrow but we shall see.

So I am in Kansas City, Kansas tonight. There are no pictures today because it was just too nasty out. I am going to a fund raiser tonight to help save the giant owls. It’s being held at a place called Hooters and I would like to do my part. Maybe I will take pictures there.


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