IT’S Not The Heat It’s the Humidity

Heading west 2.3

July 23, 2008

It’s not the heat it’s the humidity

So I woke up to a cloudless day. Yippee! No rain. I walked outside and it was already 80 degrees at 7:30 in the morning. I packed up and headed out. I decided to get off of highway 50 and take what was indicated as the scenic route through Kansas. I went off on the byways and saw some pretty interesting parts of Kansas. It is mostly corn and hay.


This IS the scenic route

But I soon needed gas so I set Ms Tom Tom to a town call Florence thinking I would get there just about the time I ran out of gas. As Ms Tom Tom announced “You have reached your destination.” I looked around and saw a corn silo and a few out buildings. No houses, no people and of course no gas. Maybe I was suppose to make my own ethanol out of the corn.

With that I made a bee line back to highway 50 thinking there would be more services along it rather than along the scenic route. I fueled up and got on the non scenic highway 50. I drove down the straightest most boring piece of road I have ever encountered. I now know what they mean by the plains. They are really is plain.

And the temperature continued to climb into the triple digits. It was 102 but that is in the shade. There is no shade. And I had 106 horses breathing fire against my legs. And the humidity was up. And the speedometer went into triple digits a couple of times to see if that would cool things down. It did not. I don’t remember ever being hotter.

I stopped at a Kinsley, KS at the place proclaiming itself to be half way between New York and San Francisco with 1561 miles to either. I found that kind of interesting but with 102 temperature not for that long. Besides there was no pie there like they had on Route 66.


Half way I think

Interestingly enough there was a sign pronouncing a Vista Point up ahead. I could not imagine a vista point with such flat landscape so I did not stop. As I drove by I noticed that the Vista Point was overlooking a feeding lot full of cows that were about medium well in the heat. Nice aroma too.

I pushed on to Dodge City. It is the home of Boot Hill and any number of other western attractions. As I rolled into town I could smell the steaks burning. Or maybe that was my leg. I found myself a cool room and a cold beer. Those other attractions will have to wait until the sun goes down and or the temperature drops below 90. I have a whole new admiration for the hardy souls who tamed the west. I just wish they had done a better job with Kansas.


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