Rocky Mountain High

Heading West 2.4

July 24, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

Well, Partner, it dawned another hot day in Dodge City. When people say they want to get the heck out of Dodge I know exactly what they mean. I did snap a few pictures but the wind was already blowing hot at 8 AM.


I saddled up and headed due West on Hwy 50. While it was just as boring as the day before it was gaining in altitude and that is what I wanted, I was really blown away when I saw yet another “overlook” that looked over a feeding pen. These guys are really proud of their feeding pens. The stench alone would make a pit bull jump off a meat wagon. I can just imagine people lined up at the overlook, eyes watering, looking over cows that are about to be slaughtered. That’s what you want to show the kids on summer vacation! I tried to take a picture of this but the lens fogged over.

The temperature stayed reasonable until I got to Pueblo, Co and then it spiked to 102. But it was a dry heat. And I have never been more thankful for that. I was actually way more comfortable then I was yesterday.

I got off of Hwy 50 and headed north to Colorado Springs. I am taking a little detour to look at a new toy in Golden, Colorado which is west of Denver. Colorado Springs has fond memories for me because it is where my wife Linda and I courted right before we got married. That was a long time ago! Still I remember it fondly.

I could not help myself and I headed up Pikes Peak. After days of riding through the plains I really wanted something that was unplain and there is nothing more spectacular than the Pikes Peak hill climb. The road climbs from about 6,000 feet to 14,110 in about fifteen miles. The temperature dropped from 102 to 54 in that distance. There was snow lying on the side of the road. I got rained on again but what the heck. The road is partly dirt and with a fresh sprinkle I really had fun sliding around on the Spyder. When I got to the top my fan club was waiting for me so we took some pictures. The little guy in the picture just walked over from a car and wanted up on the bike. A junior spyderman! He has got to lose the binky though.


This has been one of the most enjoyable days I have spent on the entire trip. This is the first time I can remember checking in for the night and not being parched. I drank some beer anyway just to be sure. Being up in the mountains and high desert makes me want to sell everything, move here, and spend my time writing threatening letters to the government. Oh wait…. I don’t have anything left to sell. Tune in tomorrow to see whether I decide to stay in Colorado.



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