A Humbling Day

July 25, 2008

A Humbling Day

So I got a pretty early start today because I wanted to continue my detour up north to Golden, Colorado, home of Adventure Sports Products. They make a particular type of custom trailer for Spyders and I wanted to see what they looked like. They are pretty cool and I am working out the details on the phone and should have one on order by tomorrow. Of course mine will be custom painted to match the Recluse and have all of the bells and whistles with it. Next time through, the Recluse will be riding in style.


Shown here with obsolete 2 wheeler

Once I finished that I had to start making tracks back to California. It looks like my boat is going to sea trial tomorrow and then in a couple of days it will be gone. I need to get home and clean it out of all my few possessions. Then I have some patch up work on both myself and the scooter to do and then maybe I will just take off again.

So I took Interstate 70 West and it was an absolutely lovely drive. I went by Vail and Breckenridge and some of the most beautiful mountains I have encountered on this trip. There was a Microsoft sky above and I was up at 10,000 feet breathing clean air, thinking, I need to come back here for a longer stay.

But then I started losing altitude and the temp rose to 102 AGAIN! I was zipping along at 85 when I entered Utah. It is another beautiful state but in a much different way. It was very desolate along I 70 and it was a long way between towns and gas stations. There were thundershowers in the distance and I kept hoping I would run into one because it was so hot.

So I stopped a visitor center to ask when I could expect to see a gas station. I ran into another biker who was seeking the same information. Bikes don’t hold a lot of gas and they go through it pretty quick. This guy and I started comparing bikes. His was a 1974 BMW R90S with 352,112 miles on it! Are you kidding me?! He told me he had 7 other bikes or this one would have more miles on it. The thing looked like it was new. He did admit that he had had it painted once. It looks like I have some work to do if I want to get any where close to what this guy has racked up. He is my hero.


Check out the helmet 1


You have got to be kidding me!

So I am now in Green River, Utah in a very cool room overlooking, you guessed it, the Green River. I am intending to take what is known as ‘the loneliest highway’ the rest of the way in to California. That is Highway 50. Gas and such will be a problem but I still have a little adventure left in me. I still have two hard days of riding ahead of me. If you don’t hear from me, I will be crawling on my elbows in Nevada gasping for water with vultures circling overhead. Not to worry. It’s all good.


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