Final Final

Heading West 2.7

July 27, 2008

Final Final

Well I woke on a Sunday morning in beautiful downtown Austin, NV realizing it was my last day on the road for a while. I looked over at Ms Tom Tom and she had committed suicide during the night without leaving a note or anything. Probably could not bear the thought of our journey ending. It looked like I would have to revert to using old fashion road maps to get home.

I headed out and the first thing I noticed is that it was cold. Fifty-one degrees to be exact. You just have to love the cool nights out west. I stopped and put on a jacket liner I had been packing for 19 days knowing I had made the right choice in bringing it along.

I set the bike on 80 MPH and ran out across the dessert as the first of the sun made its way over the mountain tops. What an awe inspiring site the desert was. I ran 120 miles without stopping until I got to Fallon, NV where I could get my first cup of coffee. There I checked my Blackberry and noticed I had a number of messages indicating I had not attached anything on the last broadcast. Sorry. Having fun in Austin on a Saturday night will do that.

I made my way down 395 to 89 to Highway 4 back into California. The land of milk and honey and fruits and nuts. The land of $5.00 gas and imminent foreclosures. Where white people are in the minority because the Mexicans have taken it back one baby at a time. That seems fair since they had it first. Someone once said if you turn the US on its side everything loose would end up in California. Could be true because here I was back where I belong, I think.

I rode Hwy 4 over the Sierras and did I have a good time. For all of those endless miles of straight roads in Illinois and Kansas, there was a sharp turn every 100 yards on Hwy 4. If there was anything left to my rear tire I am pretty sure I scrubbed it off on this segment.

So I rolled back into the marina and my boat was still where I left it. So at least I have a place to sleep tonight. I have covered 6575 miles in 19 days and I went way too fast. I will just have to do it over again. I have stopped for gas 49 times. The cheapest gas was $4.00 a gallon in Atlanta, Ill. The most expensive was $5.40 in Needles, Ca. The coldest temperature I saw was 51 degrees, today, in Austin, NV. The hottest was the 100 plus in the Sacramento Valley on the day I left. My cheapest hotel room was $33 including tax at the Classic Inn in Dwight, Ill. (It was raining and I had to stop somewhere) The most expensive was Best Western in Dodge City, KS at $134.45. (It was hot and I had to stay somewhere.)

I am back home and apparently have not had any organs harvested while I slept along the way. I am glad to be back among my friends but I am anxious to go back out on the road. I will just have to convince them all to get their own Spyders. There is so much more to see in this beautiful country we are all lucky enough to be part of.

Thanks for reading my poor attempts at writing. It was comforting to have you all along the way.

Happy trails. Ride safe. Keep the rubber side down until we meet again.


PS. I jumped started Ms Tom Tom with a toothpick and she is now alive and well.


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