On The Road Again

Heading North 2.0

August 12, 2008

On the Road Again

A lot has happened since we last heard from our intrepid traveler:

First there was the notch cut in my jaw. The doctor said it wouldn’t hurt. I think what he meant is that it would not hurt HIM. It hurt me quite a bit and my face is just starting to get the feeling back into it. Getting old is not for sissies.

The Recluse has been thoroughly gone over by the magicians at Marina Boat Sales. They did all of the necessary stuff plus put a new tire on the back, plus put some new brake rotors on the front wheels. And they made a significant amount of my money disappear. I would hold this against them but they do keep the scooter running well.

The Recluse also got a new name badge. It is the small things that make my day.


It’s pronounced Re Clues Say

I have waterproofed most of my gear by spraying it with Wal Mart water proofing. If that doesn’t do it I am just going cover everything with a blue FEMA tarp, also available at Wal Mart.

I celebrated my 60th birthday. I celebrated a little too much. I also celebrated the sale of my big boat by getting the check for it on my birthday. It was a very nice gift. But that made me homeless and one would think that that is a bad feeling. I actually like living with all of my people under the overpass. I have the nicest shopping cart there!

(For those of you who don’t understand my sense of humor, I do have a place to live.)

And I installed my new improved Corbin windshield and while it works better than the other it is still not up to standards. But I have bought some ear plugs and will give it a try. It may save me from a deer strike or something. Or get me abducted by aliens which would be cool.

I have filled up the gas tank. I have a whole new set of maps. I also have a National Geographic book called “Scenic Byways of America.” I also have a book titled “1000 Places to See before You Die.” I am not sure that you die immediately after seeing the last one. It is not likely that I will see them all on this trip so I am not going to worry about it.

So I gong back out on the blue highways. My general goal is to see some of the things I missed on the last trip by having to hurry home to do the boat sale thing. I am heading north because I want to avoid as much of the heat as I can. The heat was my worse enemy on the last trip. Well that and those hard headed bugs in Illinois. So I will get up to the top of the Sierras and ride around up there on my way to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah.

While my goal on this trip is not as clear as on the Route 66 trip but my general goal is to see Glacier and Yellowstone Parks. A more immediate goal is to slow way down from the last trip. I went way too fast. I do have a hard return date of August 27, to do a pre wall inspection on my house so that may make the entire trip shorter than I want. I also had some goofball doctor drive a needle into the wrist of my clutch hand. We shall see how that holds up.

So ride along with me if you will. Like any good adventure I don’t know what this trip will bring. I don’t know where it will end. I am fairly certain it will start on August 13th. I am also, fairly sure that there is a lot more beautiful country to see out there.



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