In Search of Margaritaville Day 2

Bob Naquin

La La Land is living up to its billing. The biggest news in town is the death of Mike Jackson. I believe some are preparing for the resurrection that is sure to happen. And you thought your kids were safe.

I digress. Yesterday was a very interesting day thanks to BRP, the manufacturer of the Can Am Spyder. First we all motored over to City Walk at Universal City and had the run of the Hard Rock Café where they served us breakfast.


Bob and Bumblebee

Then we had a short presentation where BRP gave away a $1,000 for certain categories:

Longest distance traveled to the event-3,009 From Quebec

Most miles on a Spyder- 35,000 plus. I am in the top five or so

Most heavily modified Spyder. Well you have to see it.


F1 Spyder

After that we were supplied with candy, popcorn and soda and went in to see Transfomer II-Revenge of the Fallen. Basically, Sam gets Optimus Prime’s mojo back and OP, as we like to call him when he is not within hearing distance, goes out and kicks the Decepticons tin butts back into outer space. I have a feeling they will be back.

Skids and Mudflap offer some comedy relief from all of the fighting as does a Decepticon that falls in love with Megan Fox and humps her leg. Well I fell in love with her too and wouldn’t mind….. I digress again. The most active Autobot is Bumblebee which is a transformed Chevy Camero. This movie must have been shot before the government took over GM. I am sure that if Bumblebee worked for the government he would just stand around and scratch himself until he retired and let the biologicals fend for themselves.

The Spyder only had a cameo appearance as a NEST Air Force vehicle. Disappointing. The movie was good if you are 12 years old so I am sure it will do well.

After the movie we all kicked the tires and lit the fires and rode the Angeles Crest scenic byway. There were 200 or 300 hundred brightly colored Spyders snaking through the high canyons. A nice ride but a bit hot and a bit tense because there were so many of us. The driving public must have thought that they had actually been invaded by non biologicals with all of those bikes running around.


This guy could kick a bots butt

After the ride I settled in for a shower, beer and dinner. All in all it was a good day. But I am anxious to load the Recluse on its trailer and head a little further south. There is no Margaritaville here but I don’t doubt that they could build one.


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