In Search of Margaritaville Day 3

Bob Naquin

I awoke on Sunday morning ready to start making tracks. I loaded up the Recluse, said goodbye to some new found friends, and headed over to the coast.

I like traveling up and down the California coast: always scenic, always interesting. In Southern California beaches make up the coast line and on a Sunday the beaches were full of people enjoying the water and the sun. I motored along for quite a while until I had had enough of the traffic and then I moved further inland to pick up I 5.

I had not been on I 5 for more than 10 minutes until when John and Sharon Warren pulled up beside me in their truck. While I knew that they were also traveling to San Diego to see a new grand daughter, it was a surprise to see someone I knew in eight lanes of traffic and thousands of cars. We pulled over for quick hugs and then we were all on our way again.

I arrived at Dee and Karen Searson’s house in Carlsbad where I would be staying for the night. I took Karen for a quick Spyder ride along the beach and then we all settled in and got caught up on things. A couple of hours later we were joined by the Warren’s who were still looking for a new grand baby. I don’t know how you lose a baby. But I understand they are slippery at first.

The Searsons and I went over to have cocktails at Bruce and Karen Huss’s home and John and Sharon went in search of the grand baby. Bruce and Karen have a lovely home on the beach in Oceanside. When I say on the beach I mean right on the beach. If you rolled out of bed too fast you would end up in the sand. Very nice though.

We were joined by Kelly and Matt Woodland. Kelly and her sister Megan have been special people in my life since they were born and now Matt is the fairly new husband in training. And Jen, Bruce’s daughter also joined the party. So we all had a few drinks and ate everything we could get our hands on and caught up. Bruce and Karen are the best in that they let me invite all of my San Diego friends to their house for toddies. Of course I invited my friends without checking with Bruce or Karen so I am not sure how much they could have done about it.

Matt and Kelly called it an early night and the rest of us went on to dinner at a lovely restaurant called the Bistro. We were soon joined by John and Sharon, again! They apparently had found the new baby. We ate and drank and told tall tales on one another for some time before calling it a night.

Mr. Dee was scheduled for a procedure at the hospital the next day so John and I tried to talk him into letting us do it to save him a few bucks. We thought it would be good practice for government health care but Dee would have none of it. That is what is wrong with this country- no one wants to sacrifice.


I didn’t take any pictures so today you get pie

So while I did not find Margaritaville today, I must say the area north of San Diego comes very close. I will keep looking just because I have time to kill.


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