In Search of Margaritaville Day 4


We got Mr Dee off to the hospital on time and the Warrens and I visited for a while. But I got anxious to get going and so I saddled up and headed east. The weather was peculiar in that it was drizzling and it never rains this time of the year in California.


A new State-Yippee-now I am having fun

I pushed into Arizona where the landscape was either beautiful piles of rocks or desert. I never questioned riding in the steel cage today. By the time I got to the desert floor it 107 in the shade and there was no shade. At one gas station I stopped at they were had bundles of fire wood for sale. This brought two questions to mine: 1) Where did they get it as there were no trees around, and 2) What the heck were they going to do with it in 107 degrees. I would be worried that it would spontaneously ignite.


Future biker babe

I thought about launching the Spyder but once I set foot outside the air conditioned car it was over powering. This was not for me. The entire day I saw exactly two motorcycles. This would indicate that a lot of other people were thinking the same as I was.

I got stopped once by the Border Patrol at a check point. I am not an expert on this but wouldn’t it be better to be checking the actual border instead of an interstate? I had to explain the pile of sombreros that had appeared in the back of my car at the last rest stop. How was I supposed to know there were people under them?

Since there was not that much to see I just motored on. On the eastern side of Arizona the road climbs back up into the mountains. The heat goes away pretty fast so I was anticipating another try at taking a ride. But the mother of all thunder storms came along quickly and the skies opened up. I was scared that it would turn to hail and ruin the Recluse but it was just rain and lots of it. It rained so hard that my tow car started hydroplaning and the traction control started kicking on and off. I think the extra weight of the trailer makes it easier for the car to skid around.


Lots of rocks but no margarita

Once again I was glad I was riding in the steel cage instead of the bike. After just a few miles of that I pulled in for the night at Wilcox , AZ. I had myself some beer for my nerves and a good dinner at Docs. Then I just watched it rain from my room. I believe that Margaritaville must be somewhere else though. Even with all the rain, Arizona is a lot of beach with no water.


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