In Search of Margaritaville Day 5

Bob Naquin

It was nice and cool when I got going on Tuesday so I unloaded the Spyder, saddled up and headed out. I love riding across the high desert on a cool morning. There is not much in the way of traffic and the way the early morning sun lights up the mountains is really quite beautiful.


Cactus in bloom

I had been noticing quite a few pick up trucks loaded with household goods usually pulling a trailer loaded with more of the same all traveling east. It reminded me of a modern day Joad family except that they were all going the wrong way. I guess the high growth states of Arizona, Nevada and California really have taken a hit in this economy and some people are just going back to wherever they came from. Later on I ran into a convoy of Budget rental trucks being driven west and they were all empty. It seems more people are moving East and the empty trucks have to be brought back so other people can use them.

I rode north up to Clifton, Az. and there I got on the Coronado Scenic Byway. The first part of this highway is given to strip mining. They have either been doing it a long time or they are very good at it because they have dug one very large hole in the ground. It is hard to describe how big this hole is because it is hard to see the bottom. The width and length of it are also hard to describe but it goes on for miles. To do this they use dump trucks that could hold about three SUV’s in the bed and there is a shovel down at the bottom that loads them in one scoop. And there are a lot of these trucks. Pretty awesome.


Strip mine in Clifton, AZ

But the road I was on was even better. It was miles and miles of ten mile per hour curves and beautiful scenery. I even saw a mountain goat. I would not have not have know what it was except for there were signs that said, “Look out for Mountain Goats”. Anyway I had a grand time wearing the tires off of the Recluse and wearing myself out in the process. It had been a while since I had had a good ride and it felt good to put a quick 300 miles on the bike


Coronado Scenic Byway

It started to get hot so I returned to my rig and loaded up. I continued to head east and was glad that I could travel in the hottest part of the day in air conditioned comfort. So far my plan was coming together.

I stopped in Las Cruces for the evening and had myself a good piece of fish before calling it a day.


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