Big Butter Michael Day 6

Bob Naquin

I like to set goals and then strive to achieve them. But sometimes life just throws you a curve ball. Here I was on a hard target search for Margaritaville when I got the news: There is a Big Butte Michael Jackson. I know it is not the same thing as the Big Butter Jesus I visited last year, but dang! How many chances do you get to see a Big Butter Jacko? Now I am torn as to what to do next.

But I digress. I don’t like government and apparently government does not like me. I was on my way to White Sands National Monument this morning when the cops stopped me and told me I had to leave the area. The Army wanted to fire a missile. This is the second time this has happened to me and I am beginning to take it personally. The first time I was with my buddy John Warren and I just assumed they were shooting at him. On that occasion they sent a helicopter out to get us off of the range. Today I just had to turn around and look for somewhere else to ride my bike. I wonder if the North Koreans approve of this missile firing. I know I didn’t. It was just rude.

So I turned around and traveled the Camino Real scenic byway which follows the Rio Grande in New Mexico. I was impressed with how fertile the area around the river is and how many crops they grow there. Good riding on a cool morning. And some of the things you find on the back roads of the US are kind of amazing. Some people may have too much time on their hands.


Uncle Sam and Recluse and one of Recluse’s early, ugly cousins.

I loaded up and went to the nearest Speedee Lube to get the oil in the tow vehicle changed. When I went to pay for it I realized I was short a credit card. Luckily the last place I saw it was at a restaurant a couple of miles away so I went there and retrieved it. Wheeeew! The way I am stimulating the economy I need my credit card.

After that little fiasco I headed out to Texas. Texas is not big enough so I am taking a serpentine path across it. I am seeing a side of Texas I never knew existed. In the heat of mid summer I have found a nice cool spot at the entrance to Big Bend National Forest. But I digress again.

First I had to get there which at a posted speed limit of 80 MPH did not take that long. I did get stopped by the border patrol once again-about 50 miles from the border. Apparently the INS has conceded the first 50 miles to the Mexicans and has set up a new line of defense further inland. So there are about 10 vehicles, 6 border guards and who knows how many weapons and they wave me through. It is my firm believe that anyone that has snuck across the border and then travels 50 miles to a well marked border inspection site and gets caught, probably should be sent back home. If we need more stupid people in the US we can grow our own.

I thought today would be the first day without rain but that was not to be. A nasty storm came up and pelted me with rain once again. They have some pretty serious thunderstorms out here.

And I passed the Air Forces Tethered Radar site. Weird. Out in the middle of nowhere is a humped back blimp with its nose stuck in a radar antenna. I am not quite sure what that was all about but it did look odd, in the thunderstorm, in the high desert.

So tonight I am in Alpine, Texas wondering if I should just give up the Margaritaville thing and go for the sure thing of a Big Butter Michael. Of course I am staying across the street from Jack Assic Park and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that. Really. Jack Assic Park. I can’t make up this stuff. So it is tough to have so many choices. I will have another beer and think about it.


On its way to Washington for a bail out.


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