An Epiphany Day 7

Bob Naquin

I know this may sound wrong but I had to actually ask someone what day of the week it was. The time I have straight but that is not easy. You see, Arizona does not go on daylight saving time. They have enough daylight, thank you. So they are on the same time as California where I started. New Mexico is on Daylight Saving time in the Mountain Time zone. Texas is on Daylight saving on Central time zone. Bottom line is I had to jump ahead two hours in a couple of hundred miles. I believe that this daylight saving thing is the root cause of all global warming. If the earth is too warm why extend daylight savings time further? Am I the only one who has time to think of these things? In any case I awoke in the dark today not knowing what day it was.

So I took off towards Big Bend National Park which was about a 100 miles from where I spent the night. I ran into the Border Patrol again guarding the entrance to Big Bend some 100 miles from the border. I am beginning to think they are guarding the wrong border.

Along the way I met Chuck and Cathy out in the middle of nowhere. Chuck owns a Eural motorcycle which is a Russian built motorcycle that has not changed much since WW II. We chatted a bit and he advised me to slow down and smell the roses. He wanted me to go home with him and ride his Eural but I declined. I am sure they intended to kill me and bury me in the desert but you never know. We were on a 250,000 acre ranch in West Texas so he could have been lonely. That would not have stopped him from killing me when he found out I was not his type.


Chuck and Cathy

I did see a lot of beautiful mountains. Who knew Texas had mountains? I rode the Texas Mountain trail until I got to the entrance of BB NP and then I veered off to ride the El Camino Del Rio scenic byway along the Rio Grande. What a beautiful ride. Lots of undulations and twisty roads for mile after mile.


Texas Mountains

I thought about walking across the Rio Grand just to say I had done it but I would be the one that would get caught. Not by our Border Patrol, obviously, but by Paco with bandoleers crossing his chest with shot glasses full of tequila stuck in each loop. I saw this guy in Cabo and he turned out to be very dangerous.


The Rio Grand

Instead I headed north and then went from the Texas Mountain Trail to the Davis Mountain Loop scenic byway near Ft Davis. I did stop in Marfa for some food at Sam and Ella’s Food Shark. Only a picture will do this place justice. If you saw Marfa you would know why half of the town was eating here. (Is it just me or does Marfa sound like some Ebonics cuss word?)


Sam and Ella’s Food Shark

Another great ride. It rained on me a bit but I did not care. I finally got back to my trailer after a 350 mile ride on some very twisty roads. I was beat. I loaded up and headed a little further down the road to Ft Stockton where I decided to hole up for the night

Along the way I heard Margaritaville on the radio and had an epiphany. As soon as I find out what an epiphany is, I am going to tell you. In any case BBMJ is fading fast as an option.


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