Taking a wrong turn Day 9

Day 9

Bob Naquin

After a nice breakfast with Sonia and Curt I hit the road on my quest. In retrospect I should have listened to Curt and stayed another day with them. But I figured if I ever was going to ‘smell the shrimp they beginning to boil’; I had better at least head to where there were shrimp. So I headed to Corpus Christi.


MSgt Denton and his latest project.

Now I had made a significant miscalculation in that this was July Fourth, a Saturday and a lot of people were on the road. After an unremarkable trip to Corpus Christi, I started looking for a room. Only everyone was full up for the night. I must have stopped at 6 or 7 places before I finally found a place to stay.

The Val U Stay was a pretty big place set in among a number of other motels. But it was different. While it advertised clean rooms, this was a run down place with a lot of people just hanging around. There were cigarette butts all up and the down the hall, the landscaping had been dead for many years and they handed me towels as I checked in. I have never had someone hand me towels when I checked in before. A lot of the rooms had shackles and padlocks on the doors instead of regular locks. But I was hot and there did not seem to be many other choices.


Nice new rooms-you betcha.

I settled in to a room that smelled of cigarette smoke. I am not sure what was in those cigarettes. I took a shower to cool off all the time expecting some cross dressing crazy person to attack me through the shower curtain with a butcher knife. But I survived.

I drove down to the bay front to see what was happening in CC. Did I mention that it was 101 degrees with humidity that was about the same? And then there was a 20-25 mile on shore breeze that was also 101 degrees. I asked some people if it was unseasonably warm and they told me it is pretty much like that all of the time. They said it got better after 5. I checked and after five it was 99 degrees so I suppose that is better. I checked after five in the morning and it had not changed enough to matter. This is the hottest place I have ever been

I did go to the bar at the motel and had some cold beer and that at least allowed me to get to sleep. The only people in the bar were the ‘staff’ who looked like they spent a lot of time in there. I did get to sleep but cars with boom boxes going kept cruising the motel. Don’t know what they were cruising for but I did not hear any gun shots, so that was comforting.

If Margaritaville was ever here, it has dried up and blown away. Or someone smoked it. I think I need to keep looking.


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