Getting Closer Day 10

Bob Naquin

I awoke in the morning which I considered a positive sign. I was not packed in ice in the bathtub with organs missing so that was even a better sign. I decided to give Corpus Christi another chance in the cool of the morning. Early in the morning it was 84 degrees so you could tell that it would soon be very hot again.

I rode the Spyder out to Padre Island and it was a little more to my liking. I did find a nice little café for breakfast but after that I loaded up and moved on. Corpus Christi is a write off in my opinion. Sorry all of you Corpus Christians out there, but you need to get a better life.

I motored up the coast to Galveston and found the landscape more to my liking. The trip was pretty uneventful and I took my time on back roads. When I got to Galveston I found it a lot more to my liking. The temperature was moderate, at least for these parts, and the beaches were long and full of people having fun. Lot’s of restaurants and open air bars.

I made a few stops and took in the ambience. I had a beer with Shane who is a local artist that is going to start painting all of the benches along the beach. I mean he is going to paint murals on them. And later I had a lovely dinner of boiled shrimp and crab cakes. Now this is living. At least I am getting shrimp now.

Maybe not Margaritaville but at least I am making progress.

No pictures today so you get a steering wheel from Bob’s Big Boy


It is a steering wheel


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