Done messing with Texas Day 11 & 12

Bob Naquin

I went out riding early on Monday morning looking for breakfast. I could not get use to how hot it is so early in the morning. I rode up and down the coast and decided that Galveston is a good place.

I stopped for breakfast and as I was walking into a nice air conditioned diner, three ladies walked out. One of them remarked, “Doesn’t that feel great!” as the heat hit her in the face. I couldn’t believe it. I guess if you like the heat, Galveston is your kind of place.

After breakfast I loaded up and headed out of Texas for a while. I made it to South Louisiana, the place that spawned me and spit me out so many years ago. I first stopped at my in laws property just to see if anyone was home. While my father and mother in law had passed, my nephew and niece occupy the place. I surprised my niece who had no idea that I was coming to Louisiana. I promised a longer visit for later that evening and went on to my sister’s house in Thibodaux.

I caught up with my sister, Belle and brother-in-law, Lou. We sat out in the back yard and visited while sipping cold drinks and while Belle prepared some crayfish stew for dinner. For a skinny girl she sure knows how to cook. After dinner I went back and visited the in laws until the mosquitoes chased us in.


Belle and Lou

Tuesday July 7th, 2009

I awoke to one heck of a thunderstorm. While this area had been in what they consider a drought, apparently I brought enough rain with me to end that. The skies were lit up and the rain was coming down. The lightning and thunder were almost simultaneous which means the storm was right on top of us.

So I busied myself watching cartoons with grand nephew Gabrial, doing little fixit projects with Lou and waiting for my sister to feed me again. Lou and I did take some time to go around town and show off the bike once the rain let up a bit. Belle fixed fried speckled trout for lunch with rice and white beans. Yum

Gabriel spent the rest of day beating me like a rented mule at computer games. Rain kept us all inside most of the day but we did break out from time to time to ride bicycles and the Spyder.


Gabriel and Bob ready to race

Eventually Gabriel’s Mom, Amy, came to get him and I was glad to see him go. I was tired of getting beat up by a skinny 7 year old. Good kid though.


Gabriel and his Mom

We went out to eat at a Chinese buffet. A Chinese buffet in South Louisiana has crabs, crawfish and more ways to fix shrimp then Bubba Blue knew about. The only thing that makes it a Chinese restaurant is the fortune cookie at the end of the meal. Mine said’ Live longer, Eat more Chinese Food. “

A quiet family day overall.


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