Déjà vu all over again Day 14

July 9th

Bob Naquin

So I headed out from Tupelo on another clear day that was promising to be hot. I headed to Memphis, Tenn and then on to Arkansas where I got on the Crowley Ridge Scenic byway. I did get to cross the Mighty Missisip for the second time in two days.

Now the Crowley Ridge is a geographic anomaly caused by the Mississippi and the Ohio River changing courses repeatedly over time. This left a ridge that goes on for a couple of hundred miles that is a couple of hundred feet higher than the surrounding land. If I had not told you that you would not have known. I know I would not have figured it out if I had not read it somewhere. It was a pretty boring ride for a scenic byway.

But things began to pick up in Paragould. I drove by this restaurant called ‘Louie Nine Fingers’ I had to turn around an go back for that. As I got dismounted a guy came over to chat. He told me they had a really good pork steak on special. I went inside intent on finding out what I pork steak was, since I had never heard of such a thing.

I was waited on my Brooke, who, in my opinion, has an uncanny resemblance to our bartender, Melissa, at Village West Yacht Club. I asked her what a pork steak was and she told me that it was a steak cut from a pig, which is the kind of answer I would expect from Melissa. I ordered it. It was probably the best piece of meat I have eaten on this trip.

I also took a couple of pictures with Brooke and she made me promise to send her a picture of Melissa. I think the two of them have been separated at birth. You be the judge:


Melissa the bartender


Brooke the waitress- she is on the right

So I gave up on the Crowley Ridge and headed towards Mountain View, a place recommended by my sister Belle. The ride immediately improved with twisty roads and hills to go up and down. I went through Batesville, Ark. which is the home town of NASCAR driver Mark Martin. I did not see him, but then again he was not expecting me

Now Mountain View is the music capital of Arkansas. After 400 miles of riding with the temperature in the high 90’s I was glad to get there. I checked in to a motel and went in search of beer. It was not long before I came to the realization that I was in a dry county. I have heard of these places but thought they were fairy tales parents used to scare their kids. I can see parents threatening their kids with” If you don’t behave you are going to have to live in a DRY county!” I did not know that they actually existed. What kind of sick twisted people live in such a place?

So I found that the nearest beer was 25 miles away in Big Tree. So I hopped on my magic steed and had it transport me to Big Tree. It was a great ride with all kinds of ups and downs and twisties. I think I may have set the record for getting there. The ride back was a lot better. You can guess why. Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. It reminded me of the Great Beer Incident of Ketchikan from a few years back. A few of you will remember renting a $500 Hummer to go get beer at a service station.

So I snuggled in with my beer and ordered a pizza. You can guess that in a town that doesn’t have beer, their pizza pretty much sucks too. I did not care. I had lots of beer.

Now the Recluse has developed a non terminal problem that I will have to find someone to fix in the morning. Right now I am just going to enjoy the fact that this county is no longer dry. The people of Mountain View can thank me later.


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