Dude! Where’s my bike? Day 15

July 10th

Bob Naquin

I loaded up this morning and started the motor on the Recluse to let it warm up. I went back into my room to see if I had forgotten everything. When I went back outside, my bike was gone! I went out looking for it and there were a few guys standing around it on the other side of the parking lot.

I went over to find out why they would move my bike. Apparently, I had not set the parking brake well and the bike had started rolling. It rolled across the parking lot, out across the lawn, made a ‘U’ turn and backed itself into a parking spot across the lot and down the way a bit. Smart bike. Dumb owner.

So after that little excitement I got on the road and hopped on the Arkansas 7 scenic byway. This was a nice ride with lots of twisties and ups and downs. I passed the Arkansas version of the Grand Canyon but it was a little overcast to get a good picture. I did get to visit places like Booger Hollow and Chigger Hollow.

I found Arkansas Ozarks interesting in that people seem to keep every car they ever owned on blocks in their front yards. And they seem to have a large number of yard/garage/estate sales going on all of the time. Maybe I just caught them on laundry day. In any case the scenery is beautiful.

But the heat was my enemy and I had enough early on during the day. I holed up in a little town near Hot Springs. Hot Springs gave us Bill Clinton and apparently now they won’t take him back.

The good news is that the problem I thought I had seemed to be cured with some fresh gas. That is the last time I buy gas from a place called Kum and Go. Honest. I can’t make up these things..


Arkansas Cabin


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