Another day in paradise Day 19

July 14th

Bob Naquin

My sister had mercy on me and allowed me to sleep in. Not long after dawn she could no longer stand it and sent her husband in to get me. She was catching so many crabs she just couldn’t stand it.

I wandered out to the beach with a cup of coffee and the ‘bite’ was on. I grabbed a net and started hauling the crabs in. I was netting three and four at a time and stepping on crabs as they waited their turn to get something to eat.

At one point I stepped on what I thought was a crab and decided to scoop it up. I came up with a big crab biting on a Miller Light beer can. A happy crab no doubt. I caught one crab that was just biting on a bit of line. We turned many of the crabs loose because they were either full of eggs or smaller than we wanted. In a matter of a few minutes we had a bushel of lovely crabs. We had no use for any more so we called it a day.

I did a few chores, like change the oil in the Spyder, while my sister mowed the lawn. After that the drinking lamp was lit as well as the fire to boil more crabs. The fishermen returned with a dozen trout which we were glad to get for bait. Anything but stinky turkey necks. After a meal of fresh crab and left over everything else that we had been eating it was time for siesta.

The rains moved in so we amused ourselves on the lower deck playing darts amd silly children games with the great nephew and niece. Tommy, Wendy’s husband, started cooking a nine beer sauce picante. The amount of flavor the sauce has is dependent on how many beers the cook has. We figured nine beers would be about good enough.


So it was a slow day and this is what we did.


Belle and a Santa brought to her compliments of Katrina

There were more margaritas and sitting on swings and watching the rain drizzle down. It finally cleared enough for the kids to go walk on the beach. We eventually retired upstairs for sauce picante and salad. It was delicious, with that Cajun hotness that everyone tries to imitate but no one other than a true Cajun can get right. Good stuff.


The cutest grand niece in the world And her Mom


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