Louisiana from top to bottom Day 17

July 12th

Bob Naquin

I got up on Sunday morning not feeling so well. There is something about free beer that does that to me. But I had a big day ahead of me so I had to suck it up and get going. I had breakfast with two of my sister and one of my brother-in-laws. Then I loaded up and got ready to go. I said goodbye to everyone and hopped on the Spyder.

I got on the freeway and cranked it up. With only two stops for fuel I made in back to Thibodaux some 350 miles away in five hours. I went to my sister Belle’s house and loaded up for a hard target search for Magaritaville. With that done we all traveled the rest of the way down to the coast of Louisiana and then took a bridge over to Grand Island where sister Belle and her husband Lou have a vacation home. This was a 400 plus mile day for me but amazingly I was not that tired.

Getting back to the marshes and swamps of South Louisiana was nice after about a 15 year absence for me.


The recluse and shrimp boats on Bayou Lafourche

Two of Belle’s daughters joined us there along with their kids and we sat around drinking beer . Lou and I went and bought some shrimp right off of the boat and we brought them home. clip_image004

Louisiana Shrimp

We boiled them up and everyone gathered around for a feast. Then we retired to the veranda and watched the parade of shrimp boats trawl back and forth in front of the camp getting the next day’s supply of shrimp.

This may be Margaritaville. At least I have to be getting closer now.


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