Priorities Day 16

July 11th

Bob Naquin

Well I found my bike where I left it so the day was off to a better start then yesterday. I went directly to a nearby Wal-Mart because I had not been to one quite some time and I needed my Wal-Mart fix. If you think that God does not have a sense of humor, go to Wal-Mart.

I hopped on the road and headed to Shreveport. I have my baby sister getting married for the first time so I thought I would drop by and wish her well. I am not sure of the wisdom of scheduling a wedding in Shreveport in the middle of July but I vowed to go. After waiting this long to get married she could have waited for a wedding in Jamaica in January I would think.


The newlyweds Mickey and Dan

I checked in to a Best Western. In my room are two kinds of wine, six kinds of liquor, potato chips, candy bars and whatever. Everything you need except bypass surgery. After the dry towns of Arkansas it is good to see that someone has their priorities straight. This is the land of drive through daiquiri stands, or at least it use to be. They have the shortest life span in the US here in Louisiana but they pretty much get it done in the time allotted.

So I went to a wedding. A good wedding. The ceremony lasted ten minutes and the party went on until midnight. Lots to eat. Lots to drink. Lots of dancing. A good Cajun wedding.


My wisdom for the newlyweds


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