This may be it Day 18

July 13th

Bob Naquin

So after a feast of boiled shrimp and cold beer I slept like a baby. But not for long. My sister Belle, the self proclaimed Crab Queen of Grand Isle, got me up to go crabbing with her. So we wandered onto the beach and set a crab line with the most disgustingly ripe fish heads and set it all out in the water. And then we waited while the sun came up.

The crabs were on a different schedule. Some time around 7:30 we started catching them 8 or 10 at a time. Belle is definitely the crab queen as she was much better at it then I was. Some time around 9 am the second shift in the form of her daughter Wendy came on and I went up to the camp to get some coffee. By that time we had caught 4 or 5 dozen so I was assured of crab for lunch. Belle on the other hand would catch every crab in the Gulf if she could. She ended up with 9 dozen which as they say in this part of the world, “A nice mess”


The crab queen

Now one of the things you need to catch crabs is some sort of bait. It is usually a fish head or some other sort of meat. While waiting for the crabs to bite, Belle wandered down the beach and came back with a grand prize to show me. It was a bag of turkey necks that someone had left on the beach for a day or two. She acted like she had found the Hope diamond instead of the most disgusting smelling thing I have ever come across. We did not need to use them which is good because I refused to eat anything that would eat anything as disgusting as those turkey necks. She eventually brought them up to the camp but with enough complaints she was talked into getting rid of them. Even when they were gone the smell lingered for two days.

So we did some visiting while waiting for the fishermen to come back in. We got tired of waiting and started up the pot to boil the crabs. As it turned out the fishermen only caught four speckeled trout so we were stuck with eating just crab for lunch. Oh darn.


Got crabs?

So we ate for two or three hours which is not an unusual amount of time to enjoy a good meal down here. Once we had all eaten our fill we cleaned a lot of the crab in order to have crab cakes for dinner. Then after so many crabs and so much beer it was time for a siesta.

Once everyone got up from that we went straight to margarita time. I mixed up some of Bob’s special and we immediately had a before dinner drink. It seems like it is always right before the next meal here.


From spyder man to crab man

We had a delightful dinner of crab cakes, sautéed crabs, day old shrimp, salad and home made ginger snaps for dessert. Then I had to go back to sleep. Not a bad pattern.


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