And another day in Paradise-

And another day in paradise

July 15th

Bob Naquin

So we awoke to lightning and thunder. We did not go crabbing today because we were up to our butts in crabs from the last couple of days. We did wait for the lightning to clear and then launched Lou’s boat to go see if we could knock off some speckled trout. The day was calm but the fish were not running so we basically got skunked. But I didn’t care since we had so much food left over from days past.


Captain Lou on his boat


Grand nephew Jace –pilot

So without any fish to clean we went straight to beer drinking. It seemed like skipping the fish cleaning part did not detract from the day at all. After a few dart matches we had a great lunch of left over anything and then went for our siestas. I could learn to live like this.

In the afternoon the youngsters went off to the pool and I went off to ride my bike and do a few errands. When we all got back we settled in for swapping tales and pictures from the day.

I know it is time for me to move along on my journey. It is in my nature these days to never be content with where I am but the comfort of the ‘Milky Way’ On Grand Isle is going to be hard to leave. (All camps on Grand Isle are given a name much like boat owners give their boats names. Since Lou and his family ran the town dairy in Thibodaux for a few generations, he named his camp Milky Way)

But I must continue my journey. Whatever the road holds I must go find it. Don’t have any idea of how I am going to feed myself.clip_image006


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