Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida Day 20 July 16, 2009


July 16th

Bob Naquin

I got the Recluse loaded up early and got ready to get going. I had to go out to the beach to say goodbye to my sister since she was back out there catching more crabs. She intended to give these away since we had so many of them. I said good bye to Lou, and son-in law Tommy and thanked them all for the good company, good meals and good memories.

I got going and it started raining one me almost immediately. I didn’t care because I could see that is was not going to last long and it felt refreshing. The rain stopped and as I got a little north and then turned east.

My first great adventure of the day was to drive across the Lake Ponchatrain causeway. At 24 miles long it is the longest bridge in the US and maybe the world for all I know. It is elevated a few feet off of the surface of the water and once one gets out on it a ways, you cannot see land. So it is like riding a motorbike on the water. There are elevated portions for ships to go under although sometimes they don’t make it and they hit the bridge and break it. To be ready for this, when they built the bridge, they made spare sections which they keep stored next to the bridge. When someone knocks down a section they can quickly replace it.

Having ridden across the longest bridge adds to my long list of accomplishments: I have been to the highest drivable point- Pikes Peak; the lowest drivable point- Death Valley and now over the longest bridge. Okay. Three is not a long list but I am not done yet.

So back to my search for Margaritaville. I headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama and Lu Lu’s. Lu Lu is Jimmy Buffet’s sister and she has created her own little Margaritaville along the Intercostals canal in Alabama. There are white sand beaches with volleyball nets, other beaches for the kids, big dance floors, open air dining for hundreds and lots of bars. I must say I was quite impressed and highly recommend it as a stop. If I remember correctly, this is where Tully Mars found his Margaritaville.


Hot Rod at Lu Lu’s

I pushed along, riding along the coast and got to the Florida panhandle. The heat that had been my enemy all day abated as soon as I got to Florida. Well not all of it. But it was enough to make it comfortable. When I got to Fort Walton Beach I stopped for the night. The breeze from the Gulf felt like an island breeze and it was nice.

I was tired, thirsty and hungry after logging over 8 hours and 400 miles on the bike. I had some beer and some shrimp jambalaya for dinner. I guess I did not get my fill of shrimp in Grand Isle. I never seem to get my fill of beer in this heat.


Sounds good to me


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