Sometimes you Get what you pay for Day 22 July 18, 2009


July 18th

So I headed out and skirted rain storms most of the morning. But eventually one catches up with you and I got soaked. It can rain here when it puts its mind to it and it puts its mind to it about once an hour. But this is Florida and it is pretty darn wet here.

Today I had to find this condo that I had booked for a week. Well, actually I bought a week in this condo instead of using one of my time share weeks. It cost me $240 for the week so I was not expecting too much.

When I followed my GPS instructions and took the Martin Luther King turn off my hopes began to dim. I have never taken a MLK off ramp unless I was looking for ribs or for trouble. Then I got on Leland Heights road and my hopes dimmed even more. Why is it that ‘heights’ is given to the worse neighborhood? In any case there are no heights in Florida. It is all at sea level or below.

When I got to the address of the condo, there was no condo either. I was not as disappointed as you might think judging by the neighborhood I was in. So I turned around figuring I had the wrong address. I needed to make a call and to do that I needed something refreshing to drink and a cool place to make the call.

I found a bar, got a beer, and got out my dead cell phone. Well that was not going to help. I got a phone book from the bartender and looked up the address for Lehigh Acres Resort. Unfortunately it was the same address I had loaded in my GPS. So I asked the bartender if she knew where it was located. She said,” They just tore it down. You can still see the lot where it use to be.” Uh Oh.

Of course you don’t get elected bartender because you are the sharpest knife in the drawer so I went back for another look. A couple of hundred yards off of the road I found it. It was 10 or 12 nice looking buildings with 30 or so apartments in each one. It is next to a golf course, has swimming pools, tennis courts, bocce, volley ball and so on.

I checked in and they gave me one of those neat gismos that holds your key on your wrist just like at Sandals. They have a daily agenda that goes on all day. My room is supposed to be a studio but it is a one bedroom, one and half bath with everything I need in it. Especially air conditioning. After the motels I have been staying in, this is pretty darn nice.

My room overlooks the sand volleyball court and the big swimming pool. Of course the only people out are next to or in the pool. It is hot down here. I knew it would be.

So I stocked up the kitchen with food and drink and got busy doing my laundry. I pretty much had to get naked to do my laundry since everything I owned needed to be washed. It had been a while and everything I owned either smelled like shrimp or crabs. I wonder why?


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