If a Panther Calls-Don’t Anther Day 24 July 21, 2009


(Ogden Nash-I think)

July 20, 2009

Bob Naquin

I went to panther country today. I did not know that they had panthers in the Everglades but I guess they do. There were panther crossing signs every where but I did not see any. I did ride across the Everglades on the Tamiami scenic byway. I believe that they misspelled it because it should be To Miami scenic byway which is where it ends up.

It was a great ride through some very scenic swamps if there is such a thing. The weather cooperated and did not get so hot today. It did rain on me once but there is nothing new about that. I stopped and had a talk with a guy sitting on the side of the road holding an alligator. I think he wanted money to have ones picture taken with the reptile but he would have had to pay me instead. I don’t like cold blooded animals.


He is a lot bigger than he looks

I found a nice little restaurant on a river in Everglade City to have more boiled shrimp. Nice. They had a bigger alligator but it was stuffed and I liked that a lot better.


Everglade City air boat


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