Born on the Bayou Day 28 July 24, 2009


July 24, 2009

So after a good night’s sleep I got up to have breakfast. I found the girls behind the reception desk giggling among themselves. They finally had to confess that they had been out sitting on my bike and taking pictures of each other with their cell phones. They did admit that they wiped the dew off of the seat. I suggested that they might want to wash and detail the entire bike the next time. They did not think that was such a good idea so I left the whole lot of them in Florida.

It was another interstate day today, making my way through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and back to the home town of Thibodaux. It was hot but I  believe I am getting use to it. At every stop I had people come over to talk about the bike. That never ceases to be fun

There was no one stirring at Belle and Lou’s house so I loaded up my bike on its trailer. I was glad to get off of the thing and the thought of riding with the air conditioning on was really quite pleasant.

After working up a sweat I helped myself to one of my brother-in-law’s beers and sat out under the gazebo drinking. There really is nothing better than a brother-in-law beer. As it turned out Lou was inside the house all of the time. So we got to visiting and pretty soon Belle showed up also.


It all started here

So I am loaded up and will probably head west pretty fast now. It seems like everyone is having a good time out in California without me and I have to put a stop to that.


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