Louisiana, Texas, Texas, and more Texas


July 25, 2009

So I had my last good meal last night. I had shrimp, catfish, oysters, frog legs and some other stuff. It was all fried. It was all good. I may never have another decent meal. If I do I will probably have to cook it myself.

I went out with Belle and Lou to Politz, a local restaurant. They knew everyone in the place and I even knew a couple of people from 40 years previous. It reminded me of the yacht club which made me even more anxious to get home.

So today I drove. God must have loved Texas because he made one heck of a lot of it. I figure he felt the same way about poor people because he made a lot of them also. In any case I drove and drove and drove and by early evening I was in Fort Stockton, Texas, not even close to getting out.

I missed an off ramp where I wanted to stay. The next one was 90 miles down the road. Things are a fur piece apart in West Texas. So I pulled in to a place that offered a place to sleep, a bar, and a restaurant. All the things a traveling man needed. The lady at the counter told me that the restaurant had been closed. Okay. Two out of three is still not bad.

I must admit that traveling in air conditioned comfort has one downside. You don’t NEED a beer when you stop. I decided not to risk having a false negative and went to the bar to get one any way. This bar could have held 200 people easily. There were six people in it counting me and the bartender. I had a beer but the smoke was so bad I had to leave. They actually let people smoke in a bar in Texas. In California, if you want to smoke you have to go to Nevada.

So I gave up on that and went to a fast food restaurant because there was nothing else. They were not fast. So slow in fact that I left. That left me precious few choices. So I ended up with a can of tuna, some crackers that had been rattling around in my car for a month, and a six pack of beer. This constitutes an eight course meal in West Texas. I was too tired from driving to care.


828 miles on day 1

Texas, New Mexico, Arizona

July 26, 2009

I got up early and left the Bates motel. (note to self: never stay in a motel in Texas ever again) I got going before dawn and I must say that the mountains of the southwest are really spectacular at sunrise and sunset. The line “purple mountains majesty” can be seen in the early light or late light of day. West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona really are beautiful in their own southwestern sort of way.

So I drove and drove and drove. I must admit that I did pull off the road and took a couple of power naps. I have a knack for falling asleep almost immediately and feeling refreshed after five minutes. Makes me a good sailor. Of course I had to leave the air conditioner on because it was hot. 111 degrees hot! Dry heat my happy butt, it was just hot!.

But riding along in the steel cage was fairly painless and I ended up on the California- Nevada border. I stayed in Nevada since once I cross the border everything jumps up 20 percent once I am in California.

So I will be back at Casa Bob by tomorrow afternoon if everything goes well. It will be good to get home.


810 miles on day 2. I don’t drive 86mph. Really I don’t officer.


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