Bee Double “E” Double “R” you En


By Bob Naquin

I have been back from searching for Margaritaville for just about one month. It has been good to get back and catch up with old friends and to get back out on the water and terrorize the California Delta. I have got back into playing softball at Wrinkle Ranch although I had to serve a one game suspension for being me. And I damaged a finger pretty bad, twice, playing ball which hurt a heck of lot more than the suspension. I think I may be wearing my glove on the wrong hand

The Recluse has had some minor repairs done like the perpetual oil change it seems to always need. I added a ‘catch can’ mod to it to gather up the oil it was blowing all over the engine. I also added a ground wire to the magneto to prevent problems I never had. It has a steering upgrade done which makes the motor run better. Unfortunately the power steering is still on the fritz but I can work around that. So it is in pretty good shape.


You could see it better but this girl got in the way. Darn her.

I am in pretty good shape too. I changed doctors until I found one that says I am in tip top shape except for being slightly too short for my weight. He did not say much else as he had to get back to mopping the floors. Honestly, I had a physical and now they are saying I may live a long time. I had not been counting on that so I may have to adjust my lifestyle.

So why I am telling you all of this? It is because I am ready to take another mini trip on my bike. I intend to head north until it either rains on me or the people start talking funny by ending every sentence with ‘Ay?’ As in, “Not much of a life Ay?’

In the past I have noble goals of looking for America along Route 66 or seeking out the perfect place to have a good drink in Margaritaville. This time, however, I have no noble goal other than to drink beer at the end of the day. Yes I know I could do that here but people here already think I am an alcoholic. It is time other people thought that.

So ride with me if you will on a short beerrun (Bee Double E Double R You En. All we need is a ten and a fiver , a set of keys and a sober driver.). I will be heading up along the crest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains until another notion takes me. The three legged pony is ready. I am ready. So it is off like Father’s pants.


Will she ever get out of the way?


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