Cheer Up-Things Could be Worse


Susanville to Ontario, Oregon

August 25, 2009

Bob Naquin

So I said to myself, “ Cheer up, things could be worse.” So I cheered up and sure enough they got worse. My face kept swelling most of the day and then the left eye decided to get into the act. I need my left eye and luckily it did not get too bad. The right was not quite swollen shut but proved to be pretty much useless today. It is a little known fact that bees kill more people each year than sharks. And wild burros kill more than both of them combined. (I made up the last part)

But enough of the whining. I got a start on a beautiful cool 55 degree day and continued to follow the crest of the Sierras along Highway 395. It is all high deserts here, very moderate in temperature at this time of the year and really quite scenic.

When I got to the Modoc wildlife refuge I saw this herd of deer-like creatures out grazing. I had no idea what the heck they were. They had the fawn and white coloring of young deer, but they looked full grown and I could not see any antlers. As luck would have it I stopped at the next turnout and there was a sign explaining what they were. They were Prong Horns, an animal that use to wander around the high desert in great numbers, but at one point they were reduced a mere 1000. Now they are back up to 5-7,000 in number. Instead of deer they are related to sheep but you cannot be certain of this because sheep lie.


A Pond in Modoc Wildlife Refuge

When I got to Oregon, Highway 395 is designated the Oregon Outback scenic highway and it is out back and it is scenic. There is virtually no traffic or cops so driving along at 75-80 is very easy. I passed by Lake Abert which is unusual in that the shore is lined with white deposits. It is also dominated by the 2000 foot Abert fault which is the biggest geological fault in the US. Great scenery in any case.


Spyder and Abert Fault

I had a nice lunch at the Apple Peddlers in Burns, Oregon before getting on highway 20 and heading east towards Idaho. As I got out of the higher elevations, the heat built up and by 5 PM I had done a fast 400 plus miles and I was beat. So I pulled in to a motel where I thought I would put ice on my eyes and see if that would help. The ice machine was broken so I am treating it internally with beer again.

While riding out in the high desert I had a lot of time to think about all of the county’s problems and I came up with solutions to them. So I thought I would share.

First, all the illegal aliens have to go back to the Mother Ship. Who told them they could get off anyway?

Next, everyone gets the same health care as their senators. No debate, no town hall meetings, just do it.

How will we pay for it? Legalize every illegal drug and tax it 300%. The tax revenue is needed and the quality control would certainly be improved. Release all of the drug convicts and put them to work selling drugs and paying taxes. We need the room in the prisons for Illinois politicians in any case.

Leave a child behind! If your child reaches the eight grade and is no smarter than a three year old Schnauzer, maybe we should leave him behind. There are plenty of jobs for sign swingers that a Schnauzer can’t do.

I have many more but will save them for later.


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