The Eyes have It


Ontario Oregon to Hamilton Montana

August 26, 2009

Bob Naquin

I know you are tired of hearing about it but my eyes are a mess. I was glad I was wearing a helmet today so I would not scratch them out. They are balanced now as far as swelling which gives me a definite Deputy Dawg look. I am taking antihistamines as some of you have suggested but only at night. I can’t operate my bike with too much drugs on board. Heck I can hardly operate it sober.

But in spite of all of that, I probably had the best ride ever today. It started on Idaho Hwy 21 which is the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway. And it really is. It follows Mores Creek for quite a ways and then it follows the Payette River for the rest of the way. There are lots of twisty roads, moderately high mountains and cool temperatures. I had to dodge some serious rocks in the road which would have probably made me forget about the bee sting if I had hit them. And I went through Idaho City which is one of those coolest little mining towns.


More’s Creek


House in Idaho City

When this ran out I took the Salmon River Scenic Byway which is Idaho Hwy 75 and 93. Do yourself a favor and drive this stretch of road. This has to be the most beautiful mountain river and the most scenic drive I have ever seen. (Do I say that every day? And I am getting to be somewhat of an expert.) There were more people fly fishing in the river then there were people driving on the road. All in all I went over 400 miles again today, stopped often and stopped early. Great day.


Salmon River

After cleaning up I went out to dinner. I have never seen so many white people, or lack of people of color, any where. I mean these people are translucent white! So I had to check the demographics and I found that 92.5 percent of the people in Montana are white and 7.5 percent are Indians. That does not leave a lot of room for anyone else. I did not see any Indians. There are casinos on every corner but I did not go into any of them which may explain not seeing any indians. Also, Gary Cooper and Tera Patrick are both from Montana. Between the two of them they cover the movie rating system from G to XXX. I am not sure what any of this means

On another note, the bike continues to purr along. The mileage continues to get better and better topping 40 mpg today. I believe that tomorrow that I will have to drain some fuel out of the tank before I get started. I am going to ride with the parking brake on just so the gas tank does not overflow. Better fuel mileage leads to better range per tank which is something this bike really needed.


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