Hamilton Montana to La Grande , Oregon


August 27, 2009

Bob Naquin

Q; You know what is the last thing that goes through a bee’s mind when it hits you in the head at 70 MPH.

Answer at bottom

I got up to a crisp 53 degree morning and headed out on the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway which is US 12 going towards Idaho. It follows the Clearwater River which is just beautiful. This section of road is called the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway or the Louis and Clark Scenic Byway depending on which sign you look at. A beautiful ride on a rather cool morning.


The Clearwater River

I question why Louis and Clark picked this path since there is nothing on it at all. It seems like they could have went along a route that at least had a Super 8 Motel. And there were countless stops for road construction. I think they could have found a more durable route if they had given it their best effort.


So how many pictures of a Spyder by a river can you stand?

At the Washington border this road crosses the Snake River at the town of Lewiston. The town of Clarkston is on the Washington side. The last time I was through here it was raining so hard that the water was coming out of the top of my shoes. Today it was sunny and clear and a wee bit hot. It got up to 98 degrees which is pretty warm from where I started from.

From there I dropped down and picked up Hell’s Canyon Scenic Byway in Oregon. There is a lot of agriculture going on here and not much else. There were miles and miles of miles and miles as are most of the high desert areas. Beautiful scenery though.

My puffy eyes behaved themselves today. Against my better judgment I took an antihistamine this morning. I will never do that again. I won’t bore you with the details but there is no way I can ride without all of my wits about me. All my wits are barely able to operate this bike when they are all awake and alert.

Here are some other ways to make this country better:

Reduce the normal work week by one hour each month until unemployment reaches zero percent. If it never reaches zero percent there is going to be a lot of overtime pay for those that are working.

Every one that has a car less then 10 years old and gets more than 20 MPG gets $4,500 from the government. I like to call this my Payout for P.E. G. S. (People Exercising Good Sense.) Why do we keep rewarding the numbskulls and not the people who do the right thing?

With everyone working no one needs to steal stuff. With drugs being legal the cops have little to do. So send them out and everyone they find driving while NOT using a cell phone gets a free beer. Cell phone users are six times more dangerous than drunk drivers so make them put down their phones and drink. Drinkers are six times more fun then people who are always fiddling with their cell phones.

Anyone that parks in a handicapped spot had better at least demonstrate a limp when getting out of their vehicle. Dragging themselves along the pavement by their elbows would be better yet. If you are caught parking illegally in a HC spot you lose a toe. Lose all ten toes and you get your own handicapped parking sticker. Stupid is a handicap

A: Its butt


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