Alturas, Ca to Manteca, Ca


August 29, 2009

Bob Naquin

The threat of rain had disappeared overnight and it seemed like it was going to be a hot day. So I saddled up and headed to Susanville and then on to Vinton which is at the northernmost end of Highway 49.

I hopped on Highway 49, which is not designated a scenic byway for some odd reason. It certainly is scenic and the road certainly is twisty. It travels through many of the old gold towns like Sierra City and Donnieville. Most of these cities, Donnieville in particular, have converted over to recreation to make their gold and they were all very busy with people trying to beat the valley heat. The streams were full of people enjoying the water. The road was full of bikers enjoying the twisty road.

I followed the highway through my old stomping grounds of Auburn and then on to Placerville. Along the way I crossed several forks of the American River and the rafters were out in full force. It looked like a lot more fun then I was having at that particular moment.

As I started to descend the foothills it started to really warm up hitting 104 by the time I got to the valley. I was suffering some serious dehydration and had to stop about every 15 or 20 miles to gulp some more fluids. I managed to keep the cramps away, but the heat made me miserable.

But I made it back to Casa Bob about 5 PM and was glad to park my three legged pony. It has been a good trip. I am always impressed with how much beautiful country there is out there. I am also impressed with how big the wide open spaces are in some of the western states.

Miles traveled- 2697

Beers consumed-20

Underwear changes-0


Thanks for coming along. I intend to stay put for a while.


That’s all folks


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