La Grande, Oregon to Alturas, Ca


August 28, 2009

Bob Naquin

It started our a pleasant day and just got better as I went along. First I went down the Elkhorn Scenic Byway in Oregon which follows the Powder River. Somewhere along Hwy 7 it turned into Travel Through Time Scenic Byway. It was all at about 5,000 feet which kept the scenery nice and the temperatures moderate.

I ended up in Burns around lunch time and had lunch at the same Apple Peddler I had had lunch at on the way out. It must be conveniently placed in order to have lunch there twice. They have good salads there.


Train Station

I headed on down to Lakeview and picked up the Oregon Outback Scenic hwy and followed it back to Alturas. As the day progressed it got overcast and cooler as I went along. By the time I hit Alturas it was drizzling. If I leave a dry Oregon to go into a rainy California I will never hear the end of it.

My scooter is looking pretty sad these days. It has a lot of dead grasshoppers and bees on the front of it. It is filthy with dust and grime from front to back. The rear tire is worn to the point where it looks pretty bad. But it continues to putter along so that is all I ask until I can get it home and give it some TLC.

And I had a lot of time along Hwy 395 to think about the country’s problems. Here are today’s offerings.

Build no new prisons. Let the prisoners stay in used Sea Land containers. Very cheap. Very secure. Very Rehabilitating.

Move all of the ‘Deer Crossing’ signs. The deer are crossing at the spots they are most likely to be hit by a car. What a cruel joke to play on the poor deer.

Mail deliver goes to once per week for businesses. Does anyone actually conduct any business by mail? Home delivery would be only on the days there is not a satellite TV flyer in the mail. All unemployed mail people can monitor the handicapped parking spots.


It is a rest stop


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