I don’t know why-Alaska

You Betcha.  I just booked a passage on the Alaska Marine Highway system for both me and the Recluse.  I am so excited I don’t know how I will contain myself until June 4th when I depart Bellingham Wash on one of my more ambitious trips.

So I am spending the time trying harden both myself and my bike for this and other trips.  The bike has been in the shop for a couple of months getting new tires, new engine gaskets, new output shaft and new rear bearings.  Don’t ask why it takes two months-it just does apparently.

But I have it back under me now and I am looking for cold weather to see how I will do and wht other equipment I will need.  I just made a 250 mile run in 48 degree weather out to Fort Bragg on the coast.  While it was sunny, windy and not so cold, I realize that I am going to need a lot warmer equipment.  It runs between 40 and 60 degrees in Alaska in June and I have to expect to get wet almost every day.  I am not prepared for that and will have to make furterh perparations


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