Hot tubbing in Pismo

So my side kick Maggie and I loaded up the Red Rover ATV and left the cold dripping wet valley in Manteca and headed to the coast.  Pismo Beach was our destination and while the forecast was for a chance of rain there, rain on the beautiful California coast is better than rain in the valley.

We had not gone 15 miles before the sun cam out and the day had a much better look to it.  Interstate 5 had lots of Oregon Ducks fans on their way to the Rose Bowl where they are going to have to take on the Buckeyes of Ohio State. Nice to see that they are coming to California to spend some money because we need it. A very nice 5 hour drive and we were at the Cottage Inn by the Sea hotel.  Cottage Inn is a dog friendly establishment.  Very dog friendly.  The front counter has a list of the dogs that are visiting.  No such list is provided for the human guests.

It was 60 degrees with the sun shining and kids playing in the surf on the beach.  We settled in for a bottle of wine on the cliff overlooking the beach. And we met all of the dogs as they came by.  Fun.

After the wine was gone we walked done the beach to one of our favorite bars, Harry’s.  Harry’s is a bit of a honky tonk cowboy place that sort of suits us. After some more liquid refreshment we went to the Fish and Chips restaurant and had fish and chips of all things.  And a crab meat salad.  Yummy

Back down the beach, into our swim suits and into the provided hot tub that overlooks the coast.  We were joined by some young adults from the valley, a newlywed couple and some other young adults from Indiana of all places.  They were all so young and so entertaining. Quite a different look at life.

This morning it is spitting rain and we may have to go sit in the hot tub until it stops.  I went out to get coffee some coffee and a lady stopped me and said,” Did you convince those kids to quit using tobbaco?’  I told her I did not recognize her with her clothes on and we got a laugh over that.  The man behind me asked if there had been some kids in the hot tun the night before and I told there had been.  He asked,” Were they well behaved?’ and I told him that they were an absolute delight.  He said,” Good.  Two of them were mine.”  He is married to one of a set of twins and they all have been coming to Pismo Beach for many years and now they bring their kids with them.  What a nice way for a walnut farmer from Lemore to spend the holidays


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