New Years Eve 2009

Having driven the 250 miles to Pismo Beach with the intention of ATV’ing the dunes, we thought after three days it was time to actually do it. So we rented Maggie and ATV and headed out to Oceano State off highway vehicle park. It is supposedly the only place in California that you can legally drive on the beach. Driving on the beach is an experience in its own right. I only got stuck twice.

The beach is a holiday home for may people in motor homes and tents. All of them seem to have every imaginable sand conveyance with quad ATVs being in the majority. But there are some pretty odd looking vehicles out there.

We rode the dunes for a couple of hours. After the recent rains the dunes were pretty rough. The wet sand gets cut into ruts that make for a bouncy ride. When the sand is dry, which it usually is, the ruts don’t form and the ride is smoother. After two hours of this we were beat up enough to call it quits.

After a light picnic on the beach we went to the Pismo Beach Hotel. It is a 75 year old hotel right in down town Pismo Beach. It is a well kept place but rather old. The elevator is one of those with two doors that are manually operated. The room is small. The tv is a cathode ray tube. The heat is a gas fireplace. Nice.

After settling in we went for beers at our favorite bar which is about 100 steps away from the hotel. Very convenient. We had a few beers and met up with Greg and Shiela from Stockton. It seems like everyone from the foggy central valley had the same idea about escaping to the coast for the holidays. Greg and Shiela keep a boat it the same marina frequent. Another gentleman overheard us talking boat and joined in the conversation. He keeps boats in Lake Roosevelt and San Diego and goes back and forth between them as the season changes much like a goose. Then we were joined by Dustin, Greg’s son, and we had a good time telling lies.

We eventually went off for dinner of sea food. And then it was early to bed. But I awoke right before midnight and toasted the new year with a cold drink of water and went back to sleep.


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