So I headed out on a cold foggy morning to see what trouble I could find on this day.  I did not have to go very far before I passed by the Manteca Sportsman club which is just a few miles from my home and on one of my usual routes.

And they were having a Rendezvous  which is French for ‘a bunch of old guys freezing their buns off.’   But since I was on a motorcycle, and was in no position to question their sanity on this very cold and wet morning, I pulled in to say hi  to the other crazies.  They were a likable enough bunch.  I am still not all that sure about the one with the coyote on his head. .

Bob and His grand-daughter were out burning a little black power on this cold morning.  Some little girls would do anything to spend some time with their Grandpa.  Actually I think she was having a better time then grandpa was having.

And Bob would not let me get away without taking a shot.   Loading one of these things it quite a production.  But I let them do that.  Ready, aim and with the sound of a cannon the .45 ball was on its way to the target, which I hit dead center.  One point!  I did now want to ruin my beginners luck so I quit.

Yes it is a real coyote. Or was.  Deal with it.


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  1. Now that there is a hat!


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