Great City/ Great Day

January 30, 2010

Great Day Great City

So after whining about not completing the entire length of Hwy 1 in yesterday’s post, I awoke with newly found commitment and enthusiasm. Not really. I did awake to a beautiful day in San Diego and it brought up the question I have often had: Why doesn’t everyone live in San Diego? I have been many places and visited San Diego often and the question continually keeps coming up. What a lovely city, with lovely weather and lovely people living in it. Yet the rest of the country never hears anything about San Diego unless their football team does well. Which is not all that often. Sorry, Chargers’ fans but us long-suffering Saints fans get to gloat for a few more days.

I got up and met with Belle and Lou who are the quintessential tourist. They love to explore and see new places and do it all on a budget. When I caught up with them they were out on one of the fishing piers seeing what everyone was angling for. I believe that when Belle found out no one was catching crabs using rotten turkey necks for bait that she sniffed and walked away calling them all pagans.

We loaded into Lou’s blood stained rental car and headed up the coast on just the piece of Hwy 1 that I missed yesterday. Actually it is called hwy 101 in this section. And yes Lou’s rental car is blood stained. When you pay $97 for a week’s car rental you cannot be particular about who has been murdered in it. At least they were kind enough to remove the body from the trunk if not the blood stains from the headliner.


Belle and Lou on tour boat.


Returning Sailor

We headed up the coast to Carlsbad and enjoyed the 30 mile stretch that I missed yesterday. Once we had that little drive out of the way we returned to Seaport Village in San Diego for some lunch and then we got on board for a San Diego bay cruise. We had the best time taking in the sights from the water of all of the Navy facilities on the edge of the bay. The weather had just enough of a breeze to get the sailors out so there were a bunch of them out on the water also.


Nice day for a sail

It was nearly dark when we got done so we headed in for drinks on the balcony. Belle and Lou’s room has a great vista of the bay so we sat there and watched the boats come in and out. This included a Carnival Cruise Lines love boat heading for the open water. We had a nice dinner at a close by place called Humphreys and called it a night.

A very good day overall.


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