San Diego-One More Day

January 31, 2010

San Diego, one more day

I rarely spend more than one day in one spot when I am traveling. I started my third day in San Diego thinking I could really get use to hanging around in this beautiful city. The first order of business on the day was to meet up with Megan (godchild), Kelly (her sister), Matt (Kelly’s semi new husband), and Jeff (Megan’s boyfriend in training and now fiancé). We all met up in Pacific Beach for some breakfast and to get reacquainted with the girls and their beaus. They all seem to be thriving and doing well with their careers so good on them. They deserve it. Besides I believe that they have a law in San Diego that you have to eat right and exercise so maybe that is what is making them healthy and happy.


Jeff, Bob and Megan


Kelly, Bob, and Matt

After that it was off to Balboa Park to kill some time before the much anticipated Sprekels Super Big Outdoor Organ concert. We spent some time looking at things in Balboa Park. This is where the well known San Diego zoo is and there are also numerous museums, street entertainers and who know what else. We chose to visit the model railroad museum where there were a number of huge operating models of railroads based both on reality and imagination. The extent of the layouts and the attention to detail in these models was really remarkable. And I thought I had too much time on my hands.


Sprekels Really Big Organ

Then we wandered around for a while watching street entertainers until the time came for the concert with the Sprekels Super Big Outdoor Organ. I thought they were going to use this thing to play ‘Take me out to the ballgame’ and other such classics but they chose to go with Bach. I was very disappointed. They didn’t even play the “Charge” thingy you always here at sports events. Bummer. Of course my idea of art is a painting of ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ so maybe they were trying to play to a different crowd.


Now this is art

We left half way through and headed over to Old Town which is where San Diego started so many years ago. This was much more to my liking with a lot of old bars, casas, restaurants and shops. We spent a good deal of time here and it was really a lot of fun in a tourist trap sort of way.


Old Town Saloon

Belle, Lou and I had a good dinner and called it an early night since the next day was going to be a travel day for all of us. Belle and Lou are going to jump on a plane and go back to Louisiana and I am going to have to head my three legged burro to the north. It has been a good stay in San Diego and a good visit with some of my relatives and other people that are dear to me, but it is time to move on and see what else is out there.


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