Mission Interrupted

February 3, 2010

Mission Interrupted

The weather I awoke to matched my mood. It was very foggy and cold and did not look like a day to go charging forward, so I didn’t. I headed towards home with the intent of doing some repairs, regrouping and heading out once again. So I turned in my key at the motel office through one of those drive through bank teller things. The clerk was behind glass, presumably bulletproof, and I passed him the key through this metal drawer. I really need to upgrade my motel standards.

I had not gone far before the day took a decided turn for the better when the sun came out. I reconsidered my decision for a few minutes but decided to press on. Almost immediately I picked up signs for Mission San Juan Bautista so in I went like a moth to a flame.

Mission San Juan is the largest of the missions and it has been in service since being built in 1797 in spite of earthquake damage in it suffered in 1906. I arrived before they were open but a local was attracted by the Spyder so while I had a lengthy conversation with Al, the mission opened for business. I went into the church and did the candle and prayer thing. By this time I had gotten so much grace I was trying to get some for other people I know. If you feel better lately, then it was you.


San Juan Bautista

I pushed on through a beautiful morning, driving through the beautiful green valleys. People from other parts of the country have a hard time understanding that California is green in the winter and brown in the summer. It is usually ‘golden’ when they visit in the summer but it is luscious in the winter. The fields are more fertile than the Octo-Mom and most were planted and growing well.

I arrived home by mid day and got busy with the 1000 things that can pile up in a week. I have 7 California missions left to cover. Someone who we will call Jill, to protect her identity, informs me that I have quite a few more to do on the Baja peninsula. Thanks Jill.

But the ones that remain are in easy striking distance from my home. The weather is going to sour over the next few days so I am glad I headed into port. Stay tune to see I eventually garner all of the grace I have coming to me.


San Juan Bautista church


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