Another Day- Another mission

Another Day- Another mission

February 6, 2010

After sitting at home and watching it rain for what seemed like days, I had had enough. The forecast called for another week of rain which just seemed unbearable. So I threw caution to the wind, saddled up my little three legged burro, and headed out. The day was miserable but I did not care. I figured I would prefer to be miserable sitting on my bike rather than being miserable sitting inside.

I was due at a Super Bowl party in Novato at the home of good friend, Andre who is of ‘Bringing Home Aurora’ fame. This Super Bowl thing is an annual event where I get to catch up with some Bay area friends. And I had waited 43 years for the Saints to make it to the Super Bowl so I was well motivated.

As so often happens, the day turned out spectacular. The clouds cleared and the beauty of spring time in northern California was every where. I drove a little further north than I really needed to just to get a little extra breeze on my knees. The vineyards were full of yellow spring flowers, the grass was green, and it was just a glorious day for a ride.

But staying on task, I found the Mission San Francisco de Solana in Sonoma. Founded in 1823 it is the most northern of the string of missions in California and only served as a mission for a short time. It fell into disrepair and was renovated in 1912 and is now part of the state park system. It is not in very good shape at present and the church is no longer active.

I know I have gotten out of order on this mission impossible thing. But the padres did not build them in geographical order in any case. And there is the dreaded bay area traffic that is harboring several more of the missions. No way am I doing those except on aweekend.


Sonoma Mission

Sonoma is one of those delightful towns that I never heard about but is well worth exploring. On a sunny Sunday afternoon it had lots of people visiting the galleries and the cafés. I wandered around but I do need to return to spend more time.

When I decided to leave I realized I had lost the key to my scooter. This is not a good thing in that these are computer coded keys and expensive to replace. I retraced my steps and could not find it. But, in anticipation of this event, I have a hide-a-key stored on the bike. I got this out and was just about to leave when I notice my key on the sidewalk a few feet away. I had apparently dropped it and kicked it without knowing.

So I finished my trip to Andre’s house. I watched the Saints beat the Colts in one of the more competitive Super Bowls I have seen. And now Washington, DC is now getting slammed with its second big snowstorm in a week. I always knew that the Saints would win a Super Bowl and hell would freeze over in that order.


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