Another Day-Another two missions

Another Day- Another two missions

February 28, 2010

This rain thing is really beginning to wear me down. And my bike being perpetually in the shop has been a real downer also. But the clouds parted and after many, many attempts to fix a screw up they had done months before, it appears my bike is back in working order. Of course I don’t know how many other problems they introduced by tearing down my engine AGAIN. It pains me to know that when it comes to having work done on my precious scooter I pretty much have to select from the tallest midget available.

But enough about the gloomy stuff. It was a bright day with an un-crowded weekend road so I headed to Santa Clara home of Mission Santa Clara de Asis. This mission is located and integrated into, the beautiful University of Santa Clara campus. The university is worth a visit even if it weren’t for the mission. As it turned out they were holding services which seemed to be a good use for it on a Sunday morning.

Originally built on the Guadalupe River in 1777 the Jesuits used it for teaching and it became known as Santa Clara College. But floods caused it to be relocated, earthquakes caused it to be rebuilt and a fire finally destroyed it in 1925. The present church was rebuilt on the U. of Santa Clara campus in 1929. Being fairly modern in is in good repair and quite beautiful.


Cross at entrance to University of Santa Clara


The Church on the campus of U of Santa Clara

Next on my list was Mission San Jose which is located in Fremont. Perhaps the monks did not know the way to San Jose. This mission was started in 1797 and was used as a safe haven for travelers against the hostile Indians in the area. The Indians were hostile because the monks would not let them build casinos. I may be wrong about that part..

This mission was destroyed in a 1868 earthquake and rebuilt and relocated between 1982 and 1985.


Mission San Jose

So now I am down to four missions left to visit. But it continues to rain as though Al Gore had declared a global drought. I think I will move to Oregon where it is dryer.


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