Over the hill and Through the Woods

The B.U.M.P Tour

Over the Hill and Through the Woods

March 16, 2010

Once I loaded up my little love mobile I headed up Hwy 88 on a sunny cool morning. I was expecting cold. I dressed for cold. But it was only cool and so I was a bit overdressed. But better to be too warm then too cold. By the time I got to Jackson it was 68 degrees and I was hoping it would get colder as I went further up into the mountains.

The road was mostly dry as at about 4,000 feet I started picking up snow on the side of the road. By the time I got to 7,000 feet there was quite a bit of it piled on the side of the road. We have been having a wet winter with lots of snow piling up. This is all a good thing.


Spyder 610 at 6,000 feet

I dropped down the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada into Carson City. I stopped at the Fandango Casino for some lunch. I like to eat at places I have never eaten at before. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. This time it didn’t. They had cool rock and roll music piped out into the parking lot though.

So on I went to the little town of Mound House, Nevada which is just east of Carson City. I took the Kit Kat Road turn off and wound my way through a heavy industrial area to the first gathering of Bordellos on this tour: Kit Kat Ranch, Love Ranch, and Sagebrush Ranch. While all of these are named ‘ranch’ I did not see any livestock of any kind. Lots of junk yards though


On the other side of Hwy 50 on Red Rock Road I found the Bunny Ranch. No rabbits there either. I was bummed out because I really like rabbits.


Bunny Ranch without rabbits

Then I motored about 50 miles to a little town just east of Reno called Patrick. You take exit 28 off of Interstate 80 ( Wild Horse Canyon Road) for those of you who claim you are not ever going to go there. Once again it was pretty industrialized but the bordellos were nicely situated behind a guarded gate. Behind the gate I found the Wild Horse Ranch and probably the more famous Mustang Ranch. There is also a Mustang Ranch Museum but I did not go in. I would rather imagine what is in a whore house museum than actually seeing it.


World Famous Mustang Ranch

I also went over to the town of Mustang which is about 5 miles from Exit 28. There I found the defunct Old Bridge Ranch but it has been out of business for some time judging by the look of it.

I pushed on to Fallon, NV where I was looking for Petticoat Junction and Lazy B Ranch. I could not find either of them and my Indian hotel clerk could not shed any light on where they might be. Petticoat Junction supposedly has not been built yet and the Lazy B has been out of business since 1975. clip_image007

Nothing sadder than a closed whore house

But I spent the night and had a decent dinner at The Depot Casino. Not a bad first day.

Seven down.


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