The B.U.M.P Tour

The B.U.M.P Tour

March 16, 2010

Spring is definitely in the air, although it has been a long wet winter. It is time to head out on another adventure, however small it may be. I always like to have plan when I go off on these things. Sometimes I stick to the plan and other times not, but I generally start with a plan.

So here is today’s plan:

The Bump Tour™
Nevada • Legal • Brothels • Bordellos • Cathouses • WhorehousesLas Vegas • Reno • Prostitutes • Hookers • Callgirls • Whores


The Bump Tour™
Tour the Legal Brothels and Bordellos of Nevada
The Bump Tour™ is a driving route to all of the legal brothels, bordellos,
cat houses and whore houses outside Las Vegas and Reno and throughout Nevada.

I put that portion in so people don’t think I just make these things up. This is a legitimate tour. I think. I am going to attempt it in any case. At last count there were 42 of these establishments in Nevada but that number has not been confirmed by a 2010 census.

To all of my strait-laced friends, spare me the moral indignation. At my age, visiting a brothel is like a dog chasing a car. The dog knows that if he catches the car, there is a good chance he is not going to be able to drive it. Besides, the point is to take a picture in front of each of these establishments. I would never ever consider going into one of these places. (okay there goes a little bit of my grace already)

Come along with me if you will. I may need bail money. I will probably use up all of the grace I picked up on the last trip. It will likely be fun. But who really knows about these things.

So I am off like a congressman on healthcare.



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3 responses to “The B.U.M.P Tour

  1. Boren

    Nice to see you are doing it. Don’t forget the picture of the spider in front of these landmarks.


  2. Suzanne

    There is a brothel in Pahrump, NV that gives tours. It was often a trip destination when I lived in St. George, Utah. Our travel club went down there and so did several Red Hatter groups. Also, the Extra Terrestrial Highway is a fascinating Yucca forest. Unfortunately, it is a “dead” zone for the cell phone and if your transportation is questionable, I would hate to break down out there. But most of Nevada is very isolated so be careful.


  3. Finally a tour I can believe in.


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