A windy day on the Mojave

The B.U.M.P.S Tour

March 23, 2010

Tuesday was bright and sunny but the wind was gusting pretty badly when I headed out. There was not an indication that the wind was blowing since there were no trees to whip around. There were flags that were being ripped off of their poles and the tumbling tumble weeds rolling around though. My bartender, a very reliable source for all sorts of information, told me later that it was blowing 50-60 MPH the night before. Yikes!

Why am I telling you this? Well for one I have been a whiner for a long time and that does not look like it is going to change. And two, the wind was making my bike shift lanes more often then I wanted it to as I drove on the interstate. So I got off of the interstate so I could slow down my speed, if not my whining.

I headed out to Moapa Valley and the Moapa Scenic Byway which follows Lake Mead down from the northern-most part to the Hoover Dam. This road takes you along some pretty incredible scenery with red rock formations being the most notable. The route is in pretty bad shape and what is not in bad shape is down to gravel. I have done so much off pavement excursions on this trip I have to think I would have been better off with my ATV. The Spyder does not like loose gravel as the back end is light and it tends to skid around on anything other than pavement. But I enjoyed the ride as best as I could with the conditions the way they were.


Pretty Scenery

When I returned to town I went over to the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn store. I had been noticing a line outside of this place for several days and then a friend, Gene Beley, asked me to go check it out, so I did. The lines were gone so I went in and found that they had been taping the TV show "Pawn Star" for the last couple of days. This pawn store was nothing that I would watch on TV. There was a lot of jewelry and a few old guns and a few guys inside that looked like they should be wearing those house arrest bracelets. I guess I just don’t get pawn stores. I will try to find a more fulfilling one.


The Pawn Star store

The evening was spent wandering through some of the casinos. There are a lot of them and each one tries to outdo the other in grandeur. In this quest to be the gaudiest, they all start to look alike. I have decided that the tourist side of Las Vegas is not for me. Besides most of the action takes place after 9 PM and I am already in bed by then.



Bob Naquin




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2 responses to “A windy day on the Mojave

  1. Charley & Liz Cypert

    Hi Bob, I came across your website on FB. Sounds like you are having a great time. A couple of years ago we visited Sherie’s also. What a great place, very classy for a brothel! We think of you often, travel safe. Charley & Liz


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